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Sharon Hom: “Human rights defenders, as well as all users of social media or technology tools, are trapped between a rock and a hard place—between the manipulation for profit of “surveillance capitalism” and the economic and political constraints of party-state authoritarianism.”
On January 10, well-known Chinese rights activist Guo Feixiong issued an urgent open letter (see below) to Premier Li Keqiang and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi, urging them to order Guangzhou authorities to return his passport so that he may come to the United States to take care of his...
  • A scene from the unofficial primaries held in July 2020, which the authorities characterize as “subversion of state power” under the National Security Law. (Photo: Studio Incendo)
Sharon Hom: “This is the moment to hold the authorities’ feet to the fire, a test, and an opportunity to give Article 4 real teeth to provide rights protections guaranteed in the international obligations of the mainland Chinese and Hong Kong SAR governments.”
HRIC’s submission describes overarching challenges to the right to education and academic freedom in Hong Kong and highlights specific concerns regarding the effective implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR, art. 13).
中國人權 獲悉:因報道武漢疫情而被控「尋釁滋事」的上海公民記者張展案將於2020年12月28日上午在上海浦東新區法院第九法庭開庭審理,鑒於張展因絕食及被強制灌食而導致身體非常虛弱,其代理律師張科科和任全牛向法院提出延期審理的申請。 武漢疫情爆發後,張展於2020年2月1日左右前往武漢,一直在微信、推特、YouTube 等社交媒體平臺上直播武漢的現場情況,並撰寫了大量關於武漢疫情的真實報道。5月14日張展在武漢被抓捕,押回上海,次日被上海市浦東分局以涉嫌「尋釁滋事」 刑事拘留,後遭批捕、起訴,現被羈押於浦東新區看守所。張展在獄中一直絕食抗議,但遭強制灌食、約束,導致其身體狀況十分虛弱。此前,...
中国人权 获悉:因报道武汉疫情而被控“寻衅滋事”的上海公民记者张展案将于2020年12月28日上午在上海浦东新区法院第九法庭开庭审理,鉴于张展因绝食及被强制灌食而导致身体非常虚弱,其代理律师张科科和任全牛向法院提出延期审理的申请。 武汉疫情爆发后,张展于2020年2月1日左右前往武汉,一直在微信、推特、YouTube 等社交媒体平台上直播武汉的现场情况,并撰写了大量关于武汉疫情的真实报道。5月14日张展在武汉被抓捕,押回上海,次日被上海市浦东分局以涉嫌“寻衅滋事” 刑事拘留,后遭批捕、起诉,现被羁押于浦东新区看守所。张展在狱中一直绝食抗议,但遭强制灌食、约束,导致其身体状况十分虚弱。此前,...
12月9日,在联合国人权理事会年终新闻发布会上,人权事务高级专员米歇尔·巴切莱特发表讲话,指出在新疆发生的严重侵犯人权行为,并对她称之为“在香港迅速缩小的公民和民主空间”表示关注。 以下是她开幕词讲话的视频和文字链接,随后是对她谈论新疆和香港问题讲话的文字记录。 米歇尔·巴切莱特(人权事务高级专员)的讲话视频——新闻发布会:对 2020年的回顾及对2021年的展望。日内瓦,2020年12月9日
12月9日,在聯合國人權理事會年終新聞發佈會上,人權事務高級專員米歇爾·巴切萊特發表講話,指出在新疆發生的嚴重侵犯人權行為,並對她稱之為“在香港迅速縮小的公民和民主空間”表示關注。 以下是她開幕詞講話的視頻和文字鏈接,隨後是對她談論新疆和香港問題講話的文字記錄。 米歇爾·巴切萊特(人權事務高級專員)的講話視頻——新聞發佈會:對 2020年的回顧及對2021年的展望。日內瓦,2020年12月9日
  • Chang Weiping
Just six days after making this statement, Chang was taken away by police on October 22, 2020. Chang’s disappearance followed 10 months of “residential surveillance in a designated location” (RSDL)—presented by the authorities as “bail” condition of his previous detention that occurred in mid-...
  • Credit: Studio Incendo
Against the troubling rights erosion made possible by the NSL and the political abandonment by the Hong Kong SAR government of its people are: the institutional and normative safeguards inherent in Hong Kong’s judicial and legal system, and the safeguards provided by international human rights...


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